Legacy of the Wizard 1988 By: Broderbund

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A long, long time ago a woodcutter's family lived in a small woods. One day, inside their house, the grandmother was talking to her grandchildren. "Long, long ago there was an evil dragon that was terrifying the people. A wizard came from the north country, captured the dragon, and put it deep in the ground. See the picture on the wall? The wizard is your grandfather."

Just as the grandmother pointed at the picture, their pet dog "Pochi" came in with a shiny, pointed object. It was a scale from the dragon! Mother and Father both felt the dragon was about to revive. So they started to get ready to go to the dungeon. Their mission was to destroy it. The kids cried, "There's no way that you can ever beat the dragon!" Father smiled and said, "Don't worry, there is a DragonSlayer."

"DragonSlayer" is a magical sword - the only weapon that can destroy the dragon. However, it is protected by four hidden crowns. The kids said, "We can help you find the crowns if it's OK with you." "Sure, if we can all help each other, we will be able to defeat the dragon," the Father replied.

Where are the four crowns? Can the Drasle family destroy the dragon? Now the adventure begins.

--From the NES Legacy of the Wizard instruction manual.

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Legacy of the Wizard was a very good game. There was a good story and the difficulty level was pretty high. It took a long time to figure out. The graphics in this game were pretty good for the time. The controls left a little something to be desired due to the lack of responsiveness. Overall this was a great game that every classic gamer should try at least once.


Use every member of the Drasle family to destroy the dragon that was once captured by their ancestor. There were a lot of possibilities, considering that there were things to do that you had to have a certain family member to do.

A Button Jump
B Button Attack
Start Button Start/Menu
Select Button Select/Choose Item
Sound Test
Move the pointer to the painting on the wall in the house at the start of the game. Press A on controller 2 to hear various game music.
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