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At the end of a fierce fight, Link overthrew Ganon, took back the Triforce and rescued Princess Zelda. However, is it all really finished? Many seasons have passed since then.

One day a strange mark, exactly like the crest of the kingdom, appeared on the back of Link's hand as he approached his 16th birthday. The worried Link, went to Impa, Princess Zelda's nursemaid who was shocked and frightened when she saw the birthmark. When she regained her composure, she took Link to the North Castle. There was a door in the North Castle called "the door that does not open." Only the descendants of the Impa family who served the king knew how to open the door. Impa took Link's left hand and pressed the back of it against the door. There was a sound of a lock falling open, the door slowly creaked open and there on an altar in the middle of the room lay a beautiful woman.

"Here lies the Princess Zelda." Impa began to speak calmly. "Link, the time has come when I must tell you the legend of Zelda handed down in Hyrule. It is said that long ago, when Hyrule was one country, a great ruler maintained the peace in Hyrule using the Triforce. However, the king too was a child of man and he died. Then, the prince of the kingdom should have become king and inherited everything, but he could inherit the Triforce only in part. The Prince searched everywhere for the missing parts, but could not find them. Then, a magician close to the king brought him some unexpected news. Before he died, the king had said something about the Triforce to only the younger sister of the prince, Princess Zelda. The prince immediately questioned the princess, but she wouldn't tell him anything. After the prince, the magician threatened to put the princess into an eternal sleep if she did not talk, but even still, she said nothing.

"In his anger, the magician tried to cast a spell on the princess. The surprised prince tried to stop him, but the magician fought off the prince and went on chanting the spell. Then, when the spell was finally cast, Princess Zelda fell on that spot and entered a sleep from which she might never awake. At the same time, the magician also fell down and breathed his last.

"In his grief, the prince placed the princess in this room. He hoped that someday she would come back to life. So that this tragedy would never be forgotten, he ordered every female child born into the royal household should be given the name Zelda."

From the stand next to the alter where Princess Zelda lay in a deep sleep, Impa took the six crystals and a scroll with the same crest and handed them to Link. "For generations, my family has been handed down these things which have been set aside for a time when a great king will come. They are written in ancient script that no one can read now. But you who have the crest may be able to read it. It is said that the key to uniting the Triforce is hidden there. Now it is time for you to read it."

This was written on the Scroll.
"You who'll control the Triforce of the future. I shall hand down to you the secrets of the Triforce. There are three kinds of Triforce - Power, Wisdom, and Courage. When these three are brought together, the Triforce will share its maximum power. Of the three, I have left Power and Wisdom in the kingdom. But the Triforce of Courage I have hidden for a reason.

"The Triforce of Courage is hidden in the Great Palace in the Valley of Death on the largest island in Hyrule. However, to enter you must first fight the guardians and undo the 'binding force.' When you have defeated the guardians, which I made to prevent enemies from invading the six palaces in Hyrule, set a crystal in the forehead of the statue you find. When you have set crystals in all of the statues in the six palaces, the 'binding force' placed on the Valley of Death will be removed and you will be able to enter the great palace. There you must fight the last guardian. And you can obtain the Triforce only by defeating that guardian. There's nothing to fear. You are the one to get the Triforce. You are the beacon of hope for Hyrule."

Impa implored Link, who raised his head slowly after reading the scroll. "The magic spell cast upon the Princess Zelda is sure to be broken if the Triforce is used. Please, Link. Unite the Triforce and save the princess. And bring back peace to Hyrule."

--From the NES Legend of Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link instruction manual.

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This is the second installment in the Legend of Zelda mega series. This game had a few big differences from its older brother. The main difference was the side scrolling combat scenes. It was an overhead view until you went into a town, dungeon, or battle. This game was also a little closer to an RPG than its predecessor. It required a lot more talking to people and listening to rumors to find out what to do next. This game also introduced Link to using magic, which has been included in almost every other game in the series. The graphics looked a little better than the the original. The music wasn't as pleasant as the first game, but the sound effects were better. This definitely a must play for any adventure/rpg or Zelda fan.


Register your name and start the game. This game is like a mix between an adventure and an RPG. You gain levels with experience, but you must fight your battles in real time.
While in the overhead view you will see monsters walking around periodically. If one of them touches you, you will be drawn into a battle. If you stay on the path, however, you will be safe.
There are seven palaces you must find and fight your way through. Each one will have an item and a boss. The candle, glove, raft, boots, flute, and cross must be found in the palaces. The candle will allow you to see in dark caves. The glove allows Link to move things that he wasn't strong enough to move before. The raft will allow Link to get to Eastern Hyrule. The boots allow him to walk on water. The flute will awake the River Devil blocking the path to the southern part of Eastern Hyrule. The cross allows Link to see red or purple moas. The Trophy can be traded with a woman in Ruto in order to learn the Jump spell. The hammer allows Link to break rocks on the World Map, as well as finding New Town of Kasuto. It is found in the Death Mountain. The medicine can be traded to the old woman in Mido to learn the Fairy spell. A lost child can be found in the Maze Island, it can be traded to learn Reflect spell in Darunia. The magic key will unlock all doors. It is found in New Kasuto.
Each town will have a wise man to find. Each wise man will help you out by either teaching you a new spell or fighting technique. Talk to everyone you can to find out as much information as possible. During your adventure, you will find heart containers that will raise your max life. You will also find magic containers that will raise your max magic. Here is a list of the spells Link will learn through the game:
Shield:    Located: Rauru           Effect: Cut the damage received by half.
Jump:     Located: Ruto            Effect: Link now jumps higher.
Life:       Located: Saria            Effect: Restore life.
Fairy:     Located: Mido            Effect: Link becomes a fairy.
Fire:       Located: Nabooru       Effect: Links throws fire from his sword.
Reflect:   Located: Darunia        Effect: Link reflects magic with his shield.
Spell:      Located: New Kasuto  Effect: It has random effects. It can weaken enemies or transform them.
Thunder: Located: Old Kasuto   Effect: Attack all enemies in a screen.
Unlike the first game, you have lives in this one. You will start with three, and if you find a Link doll during your game, you will be awarded one extra life. If you ever lose all your lives, it's Game Over and you forfeit any experience you had. You will be the same level, but any experience you had short of your next level will be gone.

A Button Jump
B Button Use Sword
Start Button Pause, bring up Inventory
Select Button Cast selected spell
Special save screen
Make sure you have two controllers in. Now on controller 1 pause the game, on controller 2 press up and A at the same time. You will be taken to a menu where you can save or continue.
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