Little Nemo Dream Master 1990 By: Capcom

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Little Nemo is invited to the royal palace of the King of Slumberland. Along the way he has many adventures in a land where dreams are real, and danger is everywhere. The good King of Slumberland has been kidnapped by the wicked King of Nightmares. Can you help Little Nemo rescue the good King, and restore peace to the land of dreams?

--From the NES Little Nemo Dream Master instruction manual.

Available: 3
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Year 1905, New york(The city that never sleeps)

"The clock ticks and night has arrived in New York. Everyone's sleeping. Full moon is up. In a room, somewhere in the big city, a little boy is sleeping. His name is Nemo. Then a big balloon enters this world from a
sudden dimension called "dreamland". It lands right outside his window. Nemo wakes up, of course wondering what is going on. He goes to the window, and see the big balloon outside. Then a girl, dressed with a party hat, clown clothes, jumps in from the open window. She says:

"Hi, Nemo. I've come to invite you to slumberland."


"The princess has chosen you to be her playmate."

"Wow, really? But if she's a princess, then she must be a girl, right? I have never played with girls before!"

"She's not just a girl. She's a princess!"

"I bet she's still a girl!"

"Well anyway, she asked me to give you this present."

"A present? Really? What is it?"


"Oh, I like candy! Anybody smart enough to gimme candy can't be all bad..... Even if she's a girl. Well, I guess I can go as long as I don't have to kiss her."

And then, the ship disembarks, leaves New York, and goes for an another destination.....Slumberland!!!!


Collect all the keys to unlock the door at the end of the level! Feed candy to animals and they may help you. If they fall asleep after eating candy, try jumping on them!

A Button Jump
B Button Throw Candy
Start Button Pause
Select Button Hop off animal
Level Select
Press Up, Select, Left, Right, A, A, B at the title screen.
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