Lone Ranger 1991 By: Konami

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Justice - western style

Back in the early days of the western frontier there was a law enforcement agency known as the Texas Rangers. They were headquartered in Abilene, Texas. The leader was a man by the name of Dan Reid, and second-in-command was none other than Dan's son, John. Their fighting forcers were trained strictly by the book, and every action they took followed the letter of the law. Sometimes John got into trouble with his father for following his youthful, independent sense of justice, and he frequently bore the brunt of the leader's anger.

Around the same time, Butch Cavendish was in a gang of bank robbers with his father. In a shoot-out with the Texas Rangers, Butch's father fell victim to a Ranger bullet. Since that time, Butch held a terrible grudge against the Rangers. One day Butch and his outlaw forces set up an ambush to destroy the Texas Rangers.

As a result of the ambush, Dan Reid was fatally wounded, and the Ranger forces were dealt a lethal blow. Butch and his gang rode off, believing there were no survivors, but John Reid was still breathing. An Indian named Tonto found John and cared for him until he regained his strength.

Tonto became John's partner and protector - he taught the young man about enemy deceptions, how to hide while approaching animals or humans, how to fight bare-handed, and other Indian survival techniques.

John decided to put his new skills to work. The first order of business was to fool Butch Cavendish into thinking John was dead. John had a tomstone erected for himself next to the others who were victims of the ambush. Then, taking the vest which his father wore when he was killed, John made a mask, discarded all the rules he had adhered to as a Texas Ranger, and set down his own law. He vowed to take revenge on Cavendish and all the other outlaws. He became a masked rider - The Lone Ranger.

John, now The Lone Ranger, and Tonto have received news of Butch's latest caper. The word is that Butch and his outlaws have kidnapped the President of the United States. No one is sure what Butch will demand for the President's safe return, but for The Lone Ranger, any demand is beyond reason. Along with Tonto, The Lone Ranger heads out on a quest to rescue the President and take personal revenge on Butch Cavendish. Hi-yo, Silver!

--From the NES Lone Ranger instruction manual.

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The Lone Ranger Rides Again! Butch Cavendish, the outlaw who killed our hero's brother and brothers-in-arms, has now kidnapped the President of the United States! Now you must ride out on a mission of rescue and vengeance, as the Lone Ranger. Save the President and defeat the villain who destroyed the Texas Rangers!


The Lone Ranger game uses both the control pad and the light gun. Once you get the hang of it, it's a really fun game. Walk around talking to townspeople and killing the Cavendish Gang members. There are doctors in town if you are wounded, and a gun shop. Keep well stocked in bullets, and you can also buy better weapons and Dynamite. The stages that were designed for the light gun can be done with the control pad but it gets pretty hectic, since it takes time to move the cursor around the screen.

A Button Talk
Menu Select
B Button Shoot/Reload
Cancel Selection
Start Button Start/Pause Game
Select Button Choose Start/Password
Choose Weapon
Stage Select and Max Items
When you put in the following password at the Password screen, you will be able to start on any stage of the game, and will have the best weapons and all the ammo and money you can carry!
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