Mafat Conspiracy 1990 By: Vic Tokai

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March, 1990

As part of America's Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI or "Star Wars") an experimental satellite, SK2, was recently launched into earth orbit. For some unknown reason the satellite has apparently fallen out of orbit and crashed into the Alps. A few days ago, threatening letters were simultaneously received in Washington and the Kremlin. The author of these letters signed in the name of the Mafat Revolutionary Group. At first, however, the existence of this group could not be verified.

Subsequently, terrorists demanded that the American government provide them with the submarine, Los Angeles, a ship carrying missiles with nuclear war- heads. Furthermore, they demanded that the Soviets turn over their research on the military application of electromagnetic waves.

The group is reported to have stated "Unless our demands are met, the satel- lites of the United States and the Soviet Union will fall!"

The disappearance of the SK2 is testimony to the group's power to follow through on its threats.

Confusion and tension has led both the American and Soviet governments to accuse each other of an insidious plot. Pressure between East and West is once again on the rise.

Meanwhile, Washington has ordered the CIA to investigate the so-called Mafat Revolutionary Group. It now appears that Mafat does indeed exist. However, its aims, leadership, and base of operations are unknown. The CIA also reports that Dr. Barrows, the brains behind the satellite capture technology also disappeared several years ago in England, is rumored to be under confinement somewhere in Paris.

As The Mafat Conspiracy is about to unfold, we know that the CIA has delivered an urgent request to Golgo 13, the ace sharpshooter. The directive apparently asks Golgo 13 to:

(1) Eliminate the leader of the Mafat Revolutionary Group.
(2) Destroy the Satellite Capture System.
(3) Bring back Dr. Barrows alive.

As we begin, Golgo 13 has accepted the CIA directive, and has left for Paris.

--From the NES Mafat Conspiracy instruction manual.

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