Maniac Mansion 1990 By: Jaleco

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You'll find that each of the seven teenagers you can choose from has special skills, talents, and weaknesses. And each of the crazy occupants of the mansion has goals and desires that can help or hinder your team, depending on how you handle them. The story-- and your approach to rescuing Sandy-- will be different depending on which kids you choose and how you interact with the people and things inside the mansion itself.

Each of the possible stories in MANIAC MANSION is really a large, complex puzzle made up of scores of smaller puzzles. From time to time, movie-like "cut-scenes" reveal clues about the story and what's going on elsewhere. As you discover the smaller puzzles that make up each story line, you'll find that most will have to be solved in a certain order. There can be several ways to get something done--but of course, there is always a best way. Good luck!

--From the NES Maniac Mansion instruction manual.

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Maniac Mansion was one of the biggest RPG's on the NES. It had a good reason to be as well. The point and click style of the game gave you a lot of choices. The graphics were well rendered, also. They were some of the best I have seen on the NES. There were some real cool music features in this game. Each character had their own list of music to listen to. Maniac Mansion is a game you should definitely give a try.


Direct three teenagers through Maniac Mansion to rescue Sandy.

A Button Click
B Button Fast Forward
Start Button Save
Select Button Get/Use/Open
Blind Maniacs
Go into a room where someone who lives in the house is. As soon as they see you switch to another person for a minute or so. Switch back to the person who's about to get caught and they won't see you. This trick works great in the nurse's room.
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