Mappy Land 1988 By: Taxan Corp.

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Mappy is almost always busy at work as a policeman. But, today he is on vaca- tion. Mapico is his girlfriend, and Mappy wants to marry her if he can find the ring that was stolen by the Guchi Gang. Today is Mapico's birthday and Mappy bought many wonderful presents for her.

Unfortunately, Nyamco and Muky of the Guchi Gang have stolen, and hidden them somewhere in the eight areas of Mappyland. Mappy will be late for Mapico's birthday party, and he may never have a chance to look for the ring unless you help him find the presents.

Other exciting adventures await, as Mappy tries to capture the Guchi Gang with some very odd weapons that include fish, fireworks and bowling balls. Only you can help. Are you clever and brave enough to accept the challenge?

--From the NES Mappy Land instruction manual.

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