Marble Madness 1984 By: Tengen

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On each raceway, you must try to move your marble through a 3-D maze toward the Goal Line. At first, you'll have to search for the Goal Lines. Once you know where they are, you'll be able to get there faster!

--From the NES Marble Madness instruction manual.

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Marble Madness was a pretty fun and original game. The challenge rating was pretty good too. The controls were kinda weird at first, but once you get used to it, it's easy. The sounds in Marble Madness were very enjoyable. I especially liked the sound effect when your marble falls off a cliff. It sounds like he yells or something. The three dimensional obstacle courses are well drawn, and there are several interesting ways to see your marble die, from getting broken into pieces, to melting in a pool of acid. Marble Madness was all around a very fun and challenging game. I suggest you give it a try.


First, you will need to put in your name and pick which way you would like to control your marble. Then, you must navigate through each obstacle course within the time limit without falling off the edges. You can cut some corners, but be careful because if you fall too far you'll die. There are also several enemies that will try to knock you off, eat you, or dissolve you. There are two penalties for dying, you waste time, and you lose points. You will be awarded extra points for time left on the clock at the end of a level. Sometimes, a wand will appear and award you extra time. There are six levels of madness for you to "marble" through, each one getting harder as you go along. Good luck!

Start Button Pause
Extra Time
As you always get a time bonus for beating the other player, choose 2 player mode but only play as 1 player. Player 2 will always lose, giving you bonus time!
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