M.C. Kids 1992 By: Virgin Interactive

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While spending the night in their tent, Mick and Mack decided to read about Ronald's adventures. One sunny day while Ronald McDonald is performing magic tricks at a picnic, the Hamburglar runs off with Ronald's Bag of Magic. The Hamburglar is hiding in the worlds of McDonaldLand. The M.C. Kids must collect the Puzzle Cards for each level to track down the Hamburglar and return the Bag of Magic to Ronald McDonald. Keeping them from their quest is a variety of unique creatures sent by the Hamburglar to keep the Bag of Magic to himself! They must hurry, before they are too late!

Mick and Mack went to sleep and were magically transformed into the M.C. Kids. Being Ronald's friends, they want to catch the Hamburglar just as much as you do!

--From the NES M.C. Kids instruction manual.

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Don't judge a book by it's cover! This is not a lame licensed game based around flipping patties and struggling to make rent. M.C. Kids is a great platform game with a large exploratory element.


Take Mick or Mack through McDonald Land and find the missing cards. The game plays largely like Super Mario Bros 3, and if you liked that game you'll like this one too.
You don't take out enemies by jumping on their heads, instead you throw blocks at them. Press B to pick up a block. If it is below you, press down and B. B again to throw it. You can aim which way it's thrown with the D-pad.

To clear a stage, break through the goal at the end. If you land on the moving M you get a bonus round.

There are many cool level gimmicks, like walking on the ceiling of the first level by running over the gears. You'll have to experiment to find all the hidden secrets!

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