Metal Gear 1988 By: Konami

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Colonel Vermon CaTaffy, a once tranquil shepard boy, who grew up on the remote banks of the Sam Sam River in outer Mongolia with his 27 sisters, turned to terrorism at an early age.

Now after years of pillaging innocent people, he has taken control of outer heaven, a small naton on the outskirts of Southe Africa. Here he is sole tyrant and radial dictator. He rules with bullets and bombs, and in only in a few months he has outlawed democracy and turned harmless villagers into mercenaries for a global terrorist network.

But his biggest threat is yet to come. For, as an obsessed madman, he has created the Ultimate Super Weapon. It's CaTaffy's greatest dream and the world's most hideous nightmare.

It's called Metal Gear. And it must be destroyed before the crazed Colonel unleashes his violence across the globe.

--From the NES Metal Gear instruction manual.

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Solid Snake has been dropped in Outer Heaven, a small country that is heavily armed , and that has become very active. Secret imformation about a walking battletank armed with nuclear weapons was acquired. NATO had immediately sent his best agent, Grey Fox, but he had vanished without a trail. Right before his disappearance he had sent one last message: "...Metal Gear...". Now NATO was forced to send its youngest agent, Solid Snake.

Solid Snake rescues Grey Fox. He tells Snake that in the heart of Outer Heaven there is a heavily guarded tank called Metal Gear,that is armed with nuclear weapons.

Now you, Solid Snake, must continue to infiltrate Outer Heaven, and find Metal Gear and destroy it.


You must sneak by guards and guard dogs. If they see you, they will attack you. You can also attack them, but its best if you do it when they fall asleep.

You must continue to infiltrate Outer Heaven. There are some items you can pick up and use.

A Button N/A
B Button Attack
Start Button Pause
Select Button Menu
All Weapons and Items
Put in the password: 21Z1C GZZZG UOOOU UYRZZ NTOZ3
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