Mission Impossible 1990 By: Konami

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Not since the cheesy Limberger Case has a kidnapping attracted as much attention as the abduction of Doctor "0". It seems this world-acclaimed genius behind the U.S. military defense system was enjoying the breakfast of braincells (powdered eggs and grape juice), when he and his fetching secretary, Shannon, were mercilessly snatched by the Sinister Seven. Unknown to the Sinister Seven is the startling fact that Shannon - although a very able stenographer - is really an agent from the Impossible Mission Force (IMF), assigned to protect the good Doctor. Using all her skill and cunning. she has managed to send a secret code cluing you in on where they're being held.

But before you and your team of special agents start high-fiving each other. you'll have to go hand-to-hand with scum like Slash Stiletto and Jean Claude Killer. And you must slink your way through Six murderous mazes, from underground warfare off the coast of Cyprus to hand grenade ski runs in the Swiss Alps. Also included in these killer mazes are untold numbers of Espionage Zones!

Before you yodel "Uncle", remember that you have control of three different spy identities - Max, Grant and Nicholas. Each has special talents up his sleeve (like quick-change disguises and remote control bombs) which you'll need to stay alive amid the acid flames, poisonous gas chamhers and much, much more!

So go ahead, Jimbo. Put your life on the line and accept this seemingly impossible mission. Or else the good Doctor will be tortured into spilling the top-secret beans about the U.S. military defense system (meaning you can watch the planet go up in a mushroom-shaped puff of smoke a week from tuesday).

--From the NES Mission Impossible instruction manual.

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