Ms. Pac-Man 1990 By: Tengen

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An arcade classic that any gamer should know. Pac-Man became a big hit around the prime time of video gaming. So now, we have his friend, Ms. Pac-Man, who does the same thing her male companion does: EAT DOTS!
Updated graphics from the Atari version and previous Pac-Man releases make Ms. Pac-Man very easy on the eyes as well as a lot of fun to watch or play. Also new features such as new mazes and bonus fruits make for better gameplay all around.


You know the rules of Pac-Man, right? If you do, Ms. Pac-Man's the same gameplay. You go through many different mazes, avoiding ghosts and eating all the dots to advance. If those pesky ghosts are giving you a hard time, you can eat the bigger dots, and the ghosts will turn a blue color, making them able to be eaten, which you will earn you some points. Also, fruit will pop in and out of the game, so you can collect them for points if you want. After every 2 levels or so, you get a little movie cut-scene, which you can watch.

A Button Switch options before play
B Button Switch options before play
Start Button Start game, pause/unpause
Control Pad Move Ms. Pac-Man around the mazes
In-Game Reset
Press A + B + Select + Start during gameplay to return to the game menu. Press A + B + Select + Start again to return to the title screen.
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