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A Bookworm With A Secret
Mark Gray is an encyclopedia researcher for Global Encyclopedia, Inc., the Metro City based publishers of one of the all-time best-selling reference guides available. His passion for social and criminal history is surpassed only by his passion for adventure. This fixation guided him to the development of a crime-fighting alter-ego. Mark Gray sheds his bookish day-job persona, dons a trench coat, fedora and shades and steals into the dusk as the advent- urous crime fighter: Nightshade!

From Darkness Comes Nightshade
Mark Gray followed Vortex's actions and escapades for years. He knew everything about the hero, except his identity and hideout. Gray believed that Vortex made a grave error by underestimating Sutekh. After the cataclysmic battle between the two, Mark vowed to avenge his defeated idol, Vortex.

Mark slips into his trench coat, fedora and shades to protect his identity. With his exceptional physical training and keen intellect as his only weapons he sets out to continue Vortex's goal of a crime-free Metro City. He patrolled the inner city neighborhoods, gathering information, searching for weapons left behind by Vortex, and, when necessary, apprehending would-be muggers, drug dealers and thieves. His street brawls led to confrontations with Sutekh's minions: mummies and jackals, King Rat, Goliath and his thugs, and the League of Unreasonable Gentlemen, to name a few. Television and newspaper reports carried stories of the new, mysterous crime-fighter in Metro City, and the Nightshade legend was born!

In the Claws of Sutekh
It wasn't long before Sutekh and Nightshade crossed paths. The evil lunatic had his men ambush Nightshade, and prepared to remove the last obstacle between himself and total control of Metro City. Even now, Nightshade lies bound some- where under the city, facing certain death. Can he escape a tragic end, or has Metro City's newest crime fighter met his match?

Now is your chance to face off against the power of Sutekh. With over 100 screens to search, you'll have to keep your eyes peeled for clues to the where- abouts of the evil Sutekh. Be aware of your surroundings and stay sharp - you never know what fiendishness lurks behind the corner!

--From the NES Nightshade instruction manual.

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