Operation Wolf 1989 By: Taito

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This game was pretty fun and slightly addicting. I liked how they made it where people without the zapper could still play this shooter. The game also actually kept track of how accurate you were and how many bullets you wasted, and based on that, gave you a score that was delivered by the president. It also took points away from your score if you shot any of the good guys. The graphics in Operation Wolf were very good. I especially liked the helicopters. There were lots of enemies like, tanks, helicopters, men, and sometimes vultures. I never really understood the vultures. I know you could shoot them but I'm not sure what the point value was. Operation Wolf was a lot of fun and I suggest you give it a try.


Infiltrate and defeat the enemy army.

A Button Fires Machine Gun
B Button Launches Grenade
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button Select Crosshair Speed
Be sure not to use grenades around civilians, if they get hurt so will you.
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