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Your mission

You are an Explorer First Class, on assignment in a remote corner of the uni- verse. Space stations, Colonial Cruisers and whole solar systems have myst- eriously disappeared in this region. A nearby planet is buzzing with rumors of an evil space wizard, Krohn. He controls an enormous Black hole which has already begun to double in size.

Your ship, the Millennium Orb, is the only space craft capable of withstanding the energy forces of Krohn's Black Hole. There are 30 Enigma Chambers separat- ing you from Krohn. Each chamber will test your wits, skill, cunning and courage. You must keep the Millennium Orb in position by manipulating force shields at the top and bottom of each chamber in Krohn's domain. You must keep within the plane and deal with the dangers hurled at you by the malicious wizard.

As you bounce off the force shields in each chamber, you will notice your Orb travels on an orbital path around the center plane of each chamber. You can alter this path by diving into and out of the center plane. You can also put some "English" on your Orb by cleverly moving your force shields. Use these techniques to hit the targets in each Enigma Chamber.

As you conquer each chamber, you encounter a staggering diversity of targets and puzzles, the inventions of Krohn's twisted sense of humor. You find your- self battling Eye Spy, Balloonacy, Roamin' Numerals and the Cheshire Cat, not to mention other wily opponents. Remember, keep within the force shields, conserve fuel and complete all the chambers. You MUST defeat Krohn.

Refuel at Vern's Orb-O-Rama when necessary. Vern and his service station/ restaurant are, like yourself, now trapped in the vacuum of the Black Hole. Once at Vern's, navigate your Orb through as many fuel bays as possible to fuel up. Note that Vern's has a strong gravitational pull - your force shields are unnecessary here. Steer your Orb and dive from the front and rear of Vern's Orb-O-Rama to fuel up.

Although his life depends on the success of your mission, Vern is still a businessman, and prefers payments in credits. You gather these credits by solving Enigma Chambers. If you're low on credits, you'll notice Vern's fuel bays are closed when you arrive. You can obtain credit by hitting the "$" icon on the right side of Vern's. You must pay for credit immediately with your next 1000 points. If you haven't paid for your fuel, the next time you go to Vern's you'll be out of luck.

Other creatures may hamper your Orb's progress. In particular, be aware of "Chasers". These space pirates save gas money by chasing down hard-working, interstellar travelers like yourself and robbing their fuel tanks. Chasers can also hit targets on the center plane... be careful, this may do you more harm than good.

One last word of caution... Remember to navigate Krohn's corridors courageous- ly, conserve fuel and refuel wisely, battle the wizard's evil brood and, finally, defeat Krohn. The fate of the entire Universe is in your hands.

--From the NES Orb 3-D instruction manual.

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