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     The strong conquer the weak, The wise conquer the foolhardy, Black and White. Victory and defeat.

     The concepts behind Othello are as old as time itself. Its origins are part Western, part Eastern. And today it is played the world over— with international tournaments to crown the World Champion.

     Othello has been traced back to England in the late 1800s— when it was called Reversi. Then, 20 years ago, the Japanese refined the game and gave it the name Othello (after the famous Shakespearian play.) And it quickly became one of Japan's national pastimes.

     It's easy to learn. Because the concept is so simple, so elegant. There are 64 squares on a square grid. And 64 discs that are white on one side, black on the other,

     One player plays black and the other plays white. They lay down their discs, one by one — battling to control as much of the board as they can.

     On each move, one player attempts to "trap" his opponent's discs between two of his own. And when he does, his opponent's discs are flipped to the color of the trapper's discs... So that BLACK forces WHITE to turn BLACK. And WHITE forces BLACK to turn WHITE.

     This continual "flipping of discs" — with its changes of power — makes it difficult to predict the outcome of each game. One move could easily change the entire complexion of things.

     And in knowing exactly what that right move might be lies the
secret of Othello. A secret that could take a lifetime to discover.
So as you enter this age-old struggle — black and white, vulnerability and power — remember this: It's never over until it's over.

--From the NES Othello instruction manual.

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     Othello is touted as the game that takes “A Minute to Learn, A Lifetime to Master”. It is a two-player board game played on a board with 64 squares using discs colored black on one side and white on the other. As in checkers, the players are represented by the colors of the disc. The objective is to trap your opponent's discs and convert them to your color. Whoever has the most discs at the end of the game wins.
     Othello is an addictive game like Tetris. The graphics are not comparable to modern games (the discs are flat and crude looking circles), but who cares, the fun is trying to beat your opponent, not watching special effects.

     Black and White

     Three Dog Night


     The world is black

     The world is white

     It turns by day and then by night
     The child is black

     The child is white

     Together they grow to see the light

     To see the light


     Press Start to begin the game and choose the options that you desire. The game starts with two black discs and two white discs in the center of the board. To place a disc on the board use the Control Pad to move the hand to the square that you have chosen and then press the “A” button. If you are not trapping your opponent’s discs, you will be advised to “Try Again”.     Players alternate placing discs on the board, trapping the opponent’s discs which allows the disc to be flipped to expose the color of the “trapping” player. Trapping is accomplished by placing a disc such that it “traps” your opponent’s discs (either in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line) between two of your discs. The opponent’s discs are then flipped to expose your color. You must “pass” play to your opponent if you cannot place a disc that will trap your opponent. The game ends when the time expires or neither player can make a trapping move. Depending upon the level that you choose , you may be able to cancel a move. To cancel a move simply press the “B” button when it becomes your turn again. Supposedly, if you wait when the game begins, there will be demonstration games displayed.

Skill Levels

     1 – Player may cancel as many moves as desired

     2 – Player may cancel only three moves per game

     3 – Player may cancel only three moves per game
4 – No move canceling allowed

A Button Place Disc
B Button Cancel Moves
Start Button Starts Game
Disc Placement
   Try to place your discs on the edge of the board, and try to capture a corner of the board.
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