Pac-Man 1984 By: Tengen

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This is one of Tengen's few licensed games, before they cracked Nintendo's protection and made games as they wished.

Pac-Man is a primal video game that is all about trade-offs. Every possible move has good and bad qualities. Eat pellets to complete the level, but you slow down and a ghost might catch you. Grab a power pellet and eat ghosts, you are not completing the level and the ghosts could turn while you are hunting them. Greedy for the fruit? Pac-Man has you making decisions at every turn in less than a second. Wakka-wakka indeed.


Navigate Pac-Man through the maze and eat all the pellets. Avoid the ghosts moving about the maze unless you've eaten a big Power Pellet that turns them dark blue. Grab the fruit that appears occasionally for extra points.

A Button Nothing
B Button Nothing
Start Button Pause
Select Button Select one or two player game
Ghost Behavior
Blinkey is the most aggressive of the ghosts. He'll follow you around corners and stay on your tail like no other. He speeds up at you eat more pellets. Pinky(Pink)-
Pinky leads the pack in and out of scatter mode. She's the first to chase you and the first to back away. She runs around corners counter-clockwise(Working with clockwise circling Blinky and Clyde to trap you). Inky(Blue)-
Unpredictable. Clyde(Orange)-
Clyde is often aloof from the group. He's the worst at following Pac-Man. Don't waste your time hunting him if you got a power pellet, as his job seems to be distraction. For in depth explanations of ghost behavior-
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