Pac-Mania 1990 By: Tengen

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Pac-Man is back again, this time in 3-D. Same old story, which means no story really. Pac-Man must eat all the pellets, and the ghosts want to stop him. A few notable changes in play, primarily the fact that the three dimensional view in Pac-Mania allows Pac-Man to jump, and now there are more ghosts on each level than the classic four.
The updated graphics don't really do much for this game. Pac-Man is a sphere instead of just a circle, and the walls look like walls instead of just lines, but the sprites and animation aren't that good. They might have done better to, I don't know, add in the jumping feature somehow without changing the 2-D graphics. In my humble opinion, the graphics look like they've taken a step backward from the clean arcade look of the NES Pac-Man game. I'm not sure the 8-bit system was up to the challenge of what they were trying to do with Pac-Mania.

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