POW 1989 By: SNK

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Your code name is Bart. You are a captain of the Army Special Forces Unit. Your mission is to infiltrate GOON (Government of Offensive Network), a subversive organization whose aim is to break up the international economy and establish a worldwide smuggling ring. You will accomplish this by purposely being captured and imprisoned in their escape-proof armed camp. You'll have to fight your way out with your bare fists - but is you can break into the ammunition depot, you'll find grenades, knives, and M-16's to tip the odds in your favor. Your goal is to find and eliminate the leaders of GOON before they can carry out their diabolical scheme!

--From the NES POW instruction manual.

Available: 3
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An army-like story. You play a commando who deliberately gets himself captured so he could break out and destroy the enemy forces who captured him! Not much of a story.


You have to get to the left side of the screen to the right. You can beat up the enemies with your hands and feet or you can use weapons like knifes, rifles, armor, brass knuckles and hand grenades! Fight many cool bosses, too!

A Button Kick
B Button Punch, Use weapon
Start Button Pause/Unpause, start game, choose selected option at title
Select Button Select between options at title menu
20 Lives
Press A, B, B, Up, Up, Down, Left, Start at title menu
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