Pro Wrestling 1986 By: Nintendo

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Face off against some of the meanest, toughest wrestlers in a tournament or a 2 out of 3 falls contest! So, if you're a long time wrestling fan, casual fan, or a new fan, give this game a go!


If you like to invite your friends over to see who can beat the pie out of everyone else without actually hurting each other, this was almost certainly the best of the early platform offerings, and remains an entertaining diversion to this day. Sure the graphics are a bit rough, and the sound effects are pretty laughable, but you won't be able to get that theme music out of your head, and you'll actually find yourself having fun all the while! Six different fighters with individual styles and unique specialty moves battle it out for the trophy. Kick and punch your way around the ring, then grapple your opponent to go for the serious moves. Will it be the brutal Back Drop, the painful Piledriver , or the very sexy Vertical Suplex? Better yet, grab him near the ropes and throw him right out of the ring! That concrete floor sure is harder than the mat! When you think he's had enough, pin your poor opponent to the mat for a three-count and get ready for the next challenge!

A Button Kick, Pin, Flying Splash, Clothesline, Splash over the top rope
B Button Punch, pick up opponent, double knee drop, knee lift
Start Button Start game, pause
Select Button Select a wrestler
Battle the Great Puma
Once you are VWA Champion, defend your title for ten matches. Then you will have a match with The Great Puma.
20 Second Win
Use a Body Slam (B button while grappling) to throw your opponent out of the ring. Follow him out by rolling out the bottom of the ring. Keep knocking him down with kicks, then run back inside the ring just before the 20 second count is up. He'll be disqualified and you'll be the winner!
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