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In a time when Tetris was sweeping the nation, naturally there are gonna be posers. This game is definitely an attempt to grab the coat tails of Tetris and hitch a ride to fame and fortune. I'm sure you've never heard of this game though, and for good reason. It was a stinker. The graphics look good enough, but the music was annoying. On the good side, it had a feature at the beginning where you could turn it off. The controls weren't very good, because it was really hard to get your piece to turn just once. Even with a little tap, it would turn the piece twice. The gameplay was the biggest downfall. All the pieces were based on a Pyramid, but you still had to make solid lines all the way across the screen. The awkward shape of the blocks made it really hard not to leave gaps, which means it was really hard to make lines. This game was a feeble attempt to make money off the fame of Tetris.


There are ten difficulty levels to choose from. The higher the level, the faster the blocks will fall. Once you start, blocks will fall from the ceiling. You must place these blocks on the floor while trying not to leave any gaps. You can move them left or right, and you can turn them clockwise or counterclockwise. You can also press down to drop the block faster. As you fill up horizontal lines without gaps, they will disappear. This is how you get points. Every ten lines you will move up to the next skill level. You have a "bomb" which you can use to get rid of a few little blocks if you mess up. Press Up and B to activate it, but don't expect it to help much. If you ever let the blocks get stacked to the top, it's game over. Play as long as you can to get the highest score you can.

A Button Turn Piece Clockwise
B Button Turn Piece Counterclockwise
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button Select
Try Tetris
If you like puzzle games, try the father of puzzle, Tetris. This stinker isn't worth your time.
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