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Rally Bike is a top-down scrolling racing game where you compete with other bikes through a variety of landscapes. It features 1 player and 2 player modes. In 2 player mode, you and friend take turns trying to place against the competition. When one player wrecks, the other gets his turn. You begin on a bridge and race through forest and cityscapes. The graphics are good NES quality, and a jingly musical accompaniment plays while you try to gain position on a field of 50 other riders. Control response is good, but the scrolling of the screen causes unavoidable obstacles to appear suddenly.
This game is frustratingly difficult to the point that it isn't fun at all. If your bike comes in contact with anything other than the actual racing surface, you lose a bike and you must start over at the beginning of the track. Unless you enjoy an extreme challenge, Rally Bike is not a game I would recommend.


At the start of the race, you are in 50th place in the field of riders. You must pass other riders, avoid contact with everything other than the racing surface, and place at least 30th by the end of the heat. As you approach, riders will serve slightly towards you, and a bell chimes when you gain position on another rider. Should your rider come in contact with other riders, foliage in the forest, or even the borders that outline the track, you lose a bike and must start from the beginner of the track.
Your bike starts with a full tank of fuel, which is expendable. Stopping on the fuel icon on the track will add fuel until you take off again. A helicopter flies over certain areas along the track, leaving several items to aid you in the race. Items and effects are: fuel (adds fuel), turbo (temporary speed boost), 2 small flanking bikes (each absorbs a hit), and a helmet (temporary invincibility). Finish the race at the qualifying rank or better, and you move on to a different, more difficult race.

A Button Accelerator
B Button Brake
D-Pad UP Turbo Boost
Start Button Start Game
Select Button Number of Players
Slow Down in the Forest
Slow your top speed by using either the accelerator or the turbo boost to propel your bike through the forest. Using both in the forest will make the bike difficult to control and therefore easy to wreck.
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