Rampage 1988 By: Data East

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Choose between two gigantic monsters, George or Lizzie, and destroy town after town, until you die or you beat the game!
There's not really much story to this game. A couple of people have been turned into giant monster animals, and of course everyone starts trying to kill them. So they go on a Rampage. Understandable, I think.


Take on the role of one of these monsters, George the Great Ape, or Lizzie the Large Lizard. Go from city to city, knocking down building and trying not to get killed. Many opponents will try to get in your way, from Army snipers, to local police, to rednecks in pickup trucks, to Helicopters and Tanks. Smash everything in sight with your mighty fists. Behind the windows and walls that you destroy, you will often find items waiting. Eat food and occasionally people to increase your health. Beware, there are many things in the building that will harm you, such as poison and explosives!
In two-player mode, you can choose to work together causing maximum damage, or compete for high scores. You can, of course beat each other up, and if you eat your opponent while he is in tiny human form, you reduce his score to zero!

A Button Punch, Grab
B Button Jump
Start Button Pause, selects character
Select Button Selects between characters
Continue Code
Press B when you die to come back to life.
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