RBI Baseball 1987 By: Namco

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R.B.I. Baseball is a pretty fun game, but it still lacked some key elements that make a baseball game fun. The graphics were mediocre, but that should do for this type of game. The sounds were quite annoying, with no way to shut them off. The gameplay was also a nice example of mediocrity. There is only one stadium, it doesn't tell you how far your homers go, and the A.I. isn't very good at all. The controls were pretty easy to use if you've played baseball games before. They were also responsive, although your fielders seem to throw like little leaguers, bouncing the ball between third and first base. This baseball game is okay, but there are a lot of better ones out there.


Choose one or two players. Then pick a team. All the teams are made up, they have nothing to do with real baseball teams. Then choose your starting pitcher, just guess at which one you think will be best, because it doesn't give you their E.R.A. After that the game will start. While on offense, press A to swing the bat. To bunt, swing the bat until it's half way through the swing and stop. Once you are base running, you have to press A plus the base you want to run to. To run back you must press B plus the base you want to run back to. For all purposes, pressing left will mean first, up will mean second, right will mean third, and down will mean home plate. To make baserunners steal, you have to press the base you want to steal and both A and B. Be aware that your baserunners will not try to tag up before running on a pop fly, you will have to do that manually. While on defense, press A to pitch the ball. Pressing down while throwing the ball will throw a fastball, while pressing up will throw the ball slow. You can move the pitcher left and right before you throw the ball. You may also make the ball curve by pressing left or right while the ball is in the air. You can press B and then press A plus the base you want to throw it to if you want to try to pick off baserunners. When fielding, press A plus the base you want to throw it to. You must move your fielder under a pop fly to catch it. A lot of baseball games do this for you, but not this one. Also, whenever you move one fielder, all of your fielders move in the same direction. To start a run-down, just press B plus the base you want to run to and your baseman will take off towards that base. RBI Baseball has the mercy rule: If you ever get down by ten runs the game will be called. You can call timeout anytime and make substitutions.

A Button Pitch/Throw, Swing/Run
B Button Pick Off/Run Down, Bunt/Run back
Start Button Start/Time Out
Select Button Pause
Substitute Often
Be sure to keep an eye on your pitcher's speed, if he's starting to throw slow, don't hesitate to take him out.
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