Rescue 1989 By: Kemco

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It's been 11 days since the political fanatics occupied the embassy, holding the ambassador and his staff captive. You've waited patiently while government negotiators tried in wain to arrive at a peaceful settlement. Now it's up to you and your band of commandos to get the captives out!

--From the NES Rescue instruction manual.

Available: 3
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"Your goal is to Rescue all of the captives without losing any members of your team. To mount an effective assault, you must first position your snipers around the embassy. Your Rescue team will then by lowered by helicopter onto the roof of the embassy." (instruction manual)

This game is short, but it is broken up into 3 different parts: Sneaking around with your snipers to get them in position, shooting with surviving snipers, and then using your Rescue team to break in the building to Rescue the hostages and kill every other enemy.
Start by picking the level and mission. The missions aren't actually different, they're just levels of difficulty. So really your just picking a difficulty level when you pick the level and mission.

A Button Fire gun/Make selection
B Button Cancel Selection
Start Button Start game
Select Button Return to map
Getting snipers in place
Do not rush the snipers too much when traveling or they will get shot before they make it to their positions (see left picture). Utilize the hiding places.
Shooting with snipers
Once snipers are in place, select one of them on the map, and look for moving shadows in the windows of the building. If you find one, shoot it! The more you are able to kill, the easier it will be for your rescue team. (Look at the picture on the right.)
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