Road Blasters 1986 By: Tengen

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Grab the controls of your high-performance armored car and take off on an action packed journey into the future, where survival is the only law. Accelerate down the straightaways and spin around the turns, dodging land mines and toxic spills.

Blast opponents with your artillery gun and an array of special weapons dropped by the support jet. Your object is to reach the Rally Point at the end of each level-50 in all. The farther you get, the more difficult it becomes. Avoid crashing into enemy cars, and look out for blasts from gun turrets along the sides of the road.

--From the NES Road Blasters instruction manual.


Finish a series of road rallies without running out of fuel or crashing and burning.


There's not a whole lot to this game, really. You aren't racing so much as just trying to survive, so don't worry about your speed too much. Just basically shoot everything that comes along, and be sure to pick up fuel globes (green or orange balls). Most enemies will just get in your way, some will try to make you crash and a few will shoot back at you. Occasionally a jet flies by and drops a special item for you: UZ Cannon, Electro Shield, Nitro, or Cruise Missile. Careful with the cruise misile, it blows up all enemies in your path but also destroys fuel globes. Also there are mines in the road which will blow you up, and toxic spills that don't harm you directly but might cause you to crash.

A Button Fire Guns
B Button Special Weapon
Up Accelerate
Down Brake
Start Button Start, Pause
The Multiplier on the left of the screen measures your accuracy and rewards you accordingly. Whenever you fire and hit a target, the multiplier increases, to a max of 10. Whenever you miss, it goes down. So, shoot carefully to maximize your score!
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