Rush 'n Attack 1987 By: Konami

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Secret Orders!
Deep behind enemy lines, dozens of American POWs are being held inside a heavily armed base. Your mission is to free the captives and destroy the base. But to get there, you have to make your way through 6 deadly stages.

--From the NES Rush 'n Attack instruction manual.


Armed with only a medium combat knife (which Dundee or Rambo would be ashamed to carry) you set out to save the world from legions of fur-lined terrorists! Is the anti-Soviet pun obvious enough?


All right, this game wasn't great. Maybe good, though. It has its weaknesses graphically. Some of the background pictures look like they've had more thought put into them than the foreground. The main character is a vaguely man-shaped blue guy (or red in two-player mode). The bad guys are much more detailed, presumably so you can tell them apart. Some just run at you, some jump at you, some shoot at you. All in good side-scrolling fun. Oh yeah, there's also a yellow guy, apparently on your side since he looks like a yellow clone of yourself and gives you stuff like Bazookas and hand grenades. But I think he may be a double agent, because when you see him he runs, and to get the goods you have to chase him down and stab him.

The sound effects and music are pretty good, but I don't know why you hear the French National Anthem when you clear a stage. Not that I have anything against France or her anthem, but I just think it seems out of place here.

Later in the game you start to get snipers shooting at you from towers, Laser beams mounted on the cieling, and more and more guys running and jumping and generally trying to mow you down, until there's so much stuff that will kill you, it's hard to move at all. Still, if you keep your head and don't get too frustrated, it's pretty fun. Just chuck a grenade, that'll show 'em!

A Button Fire Special Weapon
B Button Attack with Knife
Start Button Start/Pause the Game
Select Button Choose 1 or 2 Players
Press Down Climb Ladders/Lie down
Press Up Climb Ladders/Jump
Always Play 2-Player Game
Like most side-scrollers, Rush N Attack has sort of checkpoints so when you die you don't have to start from the beginning. But in this game they are few and far between, so you may end up retracing a lot of your steps if you get killed. However, in two-player mode you start back right where you died, so you don't lose ground. Just let the second player get killed and move on.
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