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It is now the 21st Century. High frequency radio and television communications between Planet Earth and the space-exploring Saturn Space Station blast warn- ings of approaching invaders, then abruptly cease.

You shed your earthly identity to become the one remaining astronaut in space. You unite with freedom-fighter Captain Commando to enter the outer regions of space. Concealed in a special solar-energized, jet-propelled supersonic space- suit, and armed with multi-directional weaponry, you depart Earth's surface on a death-defying mission.

You and Captain Commando must maneuver safely through four levels of adventurous battle scenes, penetrating the defenses established by the Space Soldiers of Balangool. You are challenged as you fight through Sections A to Section Z - where "L-Brain", Balangool's Master Control, programs domination of the universe.

Your goal: penetrate Section Z, destroy L-Brain Master Control, defeat the evil Space Soldiers of Balangool, and save Planet Earth.

L-Brain, Master Control of Balangool, secured in Section Z of Fortress Balan- gool, headquarters of this brutal enemy force, transmits communiques through- out the universe. Balangool Space Soldiers receive instructions from L-Brain while engaged in interplanetary invasions. Their goal is to conquer the universe.

Balangool Captains are stationed at each stage, guarding giant superpowered transmitters. Strong, red barriers surround two transmitters found at Stage One. To clear these red barriers you must destroy the Enemy Generator supply- ing power to the barriers. Should you successfully eliminate the generator, proceed to eradicate the Balangool Captain. For only then can you proceed to another Stage.

As you progress, increase your supply of weapons and energy. Without them, you cannot reach Section Z to bring L-Brain Master Control to extinction, hero- ically saving Planet Earth.

--From the NES Section Z instruction manual.

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A fast-paced side-scrolling shooter, Section Z takes you into Fortress Balangool, where you will fight your way through to challenge L-Brain, and, presumably, save the universe. Or just get killed. A lot.


Captain Commando wears a pink suit with silvery wings, and he flies up and down shooting at the infinite number of enemies which infest Balangool. Fortunately, he can shoot in both directions, so you can do something about the guys coming up from behind. On the other hand, you move pretty slowly until you find some power-ups that can boost your speed, but the screen moves at the same pace pretty much no matter what you do. Be careful not to get caught behind a wall.Energy
The energy/hit point system is bizzarely complicated, but here's my understanding: you start out with 20 Energy (this initial maximum can be increased with power-ups left behind by bosses). Getting hit by enemy fire costs 1 point of energy for most attacks, but crashing into an enemy or getting stuck behind a wall when the screen moves on, causes "instant death." After death you will be returned some distance back from where you died, with 5 less energy. You can pick up eergy capsules from defeated enemies, to replenish your energy. When you drop to zero energy, you are drawn back to the latest checkpoint, which are at sections 0, 20, and 40.
You start with a Laser weapon, but you may pick up better weapons as you go through the game. As you pick up weapons, letters representing each one appear in the upper right of the screen. Push Right to choose the weapon you want, and push Select to equip it. Be aware that your current equipped weapon is lost when you die. The weapon upgrades are Barrier Shield, Flash Buster (a slow three-way cannon), and Mega Smasher (a fast, most powerful gun). You may also choose to use a Special Transmission Shell (STS) which costs 5 energy units. The default STS is a very slow but powerful missile, but you can get upgrades which allow you to choose other STS weapons such as a bomb which damages all enemies on-screen. Press A + B to invoke the STS, press it again to cycle through your choices, then pick it up and fire like any other weapon.

A Button Fire Right
B Button Fire Left
A + B Use STS
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button Use Special Weapon
Mega Buster
Ordinarily you can't use more than one type of weapon at once. However, if you use the Mega Smasher and have an extra Mega Smasher and a Flash Buster in your inventory, you will be able to use a three-way shot Mega Buster.
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