Shinobi 1987/1989 By: Sega/Tengen

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The Ring of Five, a terrorist band headed by five Ninja Assassins, has
kidnapped the children of the world's leaders! The government calls upon
you - Master Ninja - to rescue these helpless hostages. Armed with shuriken
and a lifetime of intense training, you must battle the Ring of Five's
henchmen and defeat all five leaders, one at a time. Along the way, pick up
different weapons including Ninja Magic to help you break the "fingers" of the "hand" that grips the world in terror.

(--As taken from the NES Shinobi manual)

Shinobi, the game that started it all. You play as the master ninja that the world turns to when the terrorist group, The Ring Of Five, kidnapped the children of the world leaders. You must use all the skills that a lifetime of training has given you. "Shinobi" literally means "sneak" or "steal": You have to "sneak" around and "steal" the kidnapped children from the baddies. Shinobi is a lot of fun for a side scroller, so give it a try!


Save the kidnapped children of various world leaders by defeating the Ring of Five.
Armed only with shuriken you set out to kill all five villains. Along the way you will collect different weapons and magic powers to help you defeat the Ring of Five.
I especially like the bonus levels. I think this game is most popular for that. It's a first person view of you throwing shuriken at attacking ninjas. If you miss one, he will jump right up to you, and the bonus level will be over.

A Button Jump
B Button Throw Shuriken
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button Change Ninja Magic
Ninja Magic
By defeating bonus levels, you can earn ninja magic. You can only hold two different kinds of ninja magic at a time. To use it, wait until you see one of your ninja magics flashing. At this time you can hit select to change which one to use, and to use it simply push A and B at the same time.
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