Skate or Die 2: The Search for Double Trouble 1991 By: Electronic Arts

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You and your skateneck buddies spend your days ripping the streets, looking for fun, hurting nobody. You got tunes in your box, chili fries in your mouth, and a rad ramp in your backyard. Life is sweet.

Then one fine day, you're tearing down the sidewalk when you accidentally run over the mayor's wife's poodle. Splat. The dog is pushing up daisies and Mrs. Mayor is foaming at the mouth. She goes on a psycho anti-skate rampage and forces her old man -- a nice but regrettably spineless bureaucrat -- to dig up a law that condemns your ramp to the scrap heap. Whaddya do?! You gotta build a new ramp by legal means. To do this, you gotta go through 4 levels in search of bucks for the building permit and plans for the ramp. Get through all 4 levels and it's competition time on the wicked Double Trouble Half-Pipe.

--From the NES Skate or Die 2: The Search for Double Trouble instruction manual.

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According to the story, the Mayor has banned skateboards because you killed his wife's dog. Seems a bit unusual, because when you actually start playing Skate or Die 2, every single person you see is riding a skateboard. In any case, ride around town collecting CDs, tapes and food to buy better boards from Rodney and learn new tricks from Lester. These are, of course, the lovable characters from Skate or Die 1, and since you beat down Lester he's now on your side, or at least willing to help you for some kool music or chili cheese fries.
Now it's time to make the streets safe for innocent skaters in your town, by taking out the mayor's wife, and the rude and abusive skateboard gang led by Ice Pick. Good luck!

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