Ski or Die 1991 By: Ultra

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Stalking in a winter wonderland
Once again, Rodney's slushy ski shack is open for business. But Rod and his host of inhospitables refuse to let you enjoy the sub-zero ski fest. Because ferocious freaks of nature like chainsaw totin' bunnies, punk rock penguins and bodacious polar bears are anxiously waiting to knock your poles out from under you. From the Snowboard Half Pipe to the Snowball Blast, this arctic adventure will have you wishing you were back at the chalet exchanging fondue recipes with a thick-necked man named Gunther.

But bogus moguls are only half your headaches. Because Twisted Lester and his lucky lawn dart are looking to pop the wind out of your sails in the Inner Tube Thrash. And if you're not cool enough to avoid getting Lester's point, you'll get a chance to impress the fickle judges in the Downhill Blitz and the Acro Aerials (sorry, no hog-calling competitions).

So start waxing those skis if you plan on seeing the light of summer again. Because you can either backflip, pike or helicopter your way into the World Record Book... or a body cast.

--From the NES Ski or Die instruction manual.

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