Sky Shark 1989 By: Taito Corporation

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It is the middle of WW2 and you're part of the famous fighter squadron the "Flying Tigers." Basically, you are in the middle of nowhere deep in enemy territory. It's just you and your plane, and you guessed it, your plane is called the "Sky Shark".
Gameplay will start slow, but it gets better. Oh, and don't expect any friendly fighters, because you are on your own. This is a pretty simple fly and shoot game. Graphics are good for '89, you can tell they are planes. If you're in to WORLD WAR II games, you will enjoy this one.


Guide your plane through each level and destroy the enemy. The main thing you have to do to complete each level is that you have to keep moving. You have two different weapons on your plane that you can use. Against other planes, use your missiles. For this weapon, you have unlimited ammo, so don't worry about conserving ammo. As you play the game, you can upgrade this weapon's rate of fire and damage. For every enemy you shoot down, you get points, and you can use them to get the upgrades. Your other weapon is a bomb, drop this on land forces such as tanks and troop transports. You do have to conserve these, because you have a limited number of bombs you can use. You can upgrade this bomb to increase its damage and the amount of ammo you are given. Each enemy is a different amount of points. Use the points to get upgrades.

Start Button START, PAUSE
Select Button N/A
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