Slalom 1986 By: Nintendo

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You wake up on a wintry morning and decide to go skiing. You then get in your car and drive to the slopes. When you arrive, the person at the ski shop tells about the upcoming ski competition. You went ahead and registered. Finally, the day has come for you to test your skills against other experienced skiers.

The first thing you see when you load the game is the title screen with the usual copyright info. Press Start and you get to choose the number of players and the mountain that you want to challenge. The scarier-sounding the name, the more difficult the peak is. Once you press start, the map of the area appears and the game starts. You first start off on the qualifying round, which lets you improve your skills for later parts. One thing, you have to make it to the end before time is up. Remember to watch out for trees and other skiers.

I really like this game. The controls are simple to remember and are smooth. Another thing I like is the game is based on time trials. The only thing that bothers me is that a lot of things get in my when when I'm playing.


Race against the time while skiing down three slopes.

A Button Jump
B Button Jump
Start Button Pause Game
Select Button Select Peak
Prevent Yourself from Falling Down
Press Down right after you flip up in the air.
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