Spy vs. Spy 1988 By: Kemco

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Your mission is to escape the embassy, Top secret briefcase in hand. Before time runs out, you must find, fill and keep the briefcase; locate the only exit and board your plane with all of the following: Passport, Bag of Money, Key and secret Papers.

--From the NES Spy vs. Spy instruction manual.

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Basically in this game you must find a briefcase and items to put in it. Once you have collected them all, you must exit through a door marked with black.

Collecting these items wont be easy though. There is another spy that is trying to do the same. You can place booby traps to kill the other spy, or even fight him. The spy dies and loses the items, but he wont be gone for long.


Black Spy vs. White Spy! These two are searching for a briefcase and a few other items, but it wont be easy for neither of them, because they both want the stuff, and theres no sharing! This is a great multiplayer game.

A Button Sets trap/Search
B Button Browses for booby trap and map
Start Button Pause
Select Button N/A
Complete level 8, then press Down(2), Right, Left, A + B.
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