Sqoon 1986 By: Irem

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Aliens from Neptune melt polar ice caps making cities sink into the ocean. This aliens live under the sea and eat humans. "You are the only one left who can save Earth [in the Sqoon submarine]. If you kill all the Neptunians you will be a hero." On your way, you must rescue human hostages.


Simple sidescroller. You must try to get to the human hostages. You can hold a maximum of nine people. When your sub is full, an island will appear. When you and the island are aligned, press B to release hostages. Have fun!

A Button Fire missiles
B Button Fire ice ball
Cool Power-Up Awards!
1. Horizon missile: This is what you start out with. It is effective but weak. 2. Bow-wow missle: The first time you power-up, your weapon will be upgraded to basically a stronger version of the Horizon Missile. 3. Adenoid missile: If you have the Bow-wow missile and power-up again, you will have this weapon at your disposal. "It is the most powerful missile available. says the instruction booklet.
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