Star Soldier 1988 By: Taxan

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A strange and evil presence is lurking in space. Crushing everything in
its path, destroying spaceships full of innocent people, the Starbrain
is threatening the entire Galactic Empire. Starbrain, a giant computer
programmed only for destruction, inhabits an enormous space station,
guarded by enemy ships and robot creatures. To penetrate the station is
a job for the most skillful and experienced Star Soldier - you! You'll
be piloting Caesar, the fastest fighter ship in the Galactic Fleet,
with an awesome arsenal of weapons at your fingertips. Only you can end
the brutal Starbrain's spree of destruction, and restore peace to the
galaxy!(Taken from the Star Soldier Instruction Manual)

This is just like any other space shooter out there. In order to do what the manual's story says, you have to blast the enemies flying around. Also, you'll find green squares on the enemy ship which increase your score. The "P" circles give you a power up. Collect three and you'll shoot all around you. But beware of the bosses! The mini-boss in each level is a skull like robot. It doesn't take much to defeat those, but the main boss is even harder. It is Starbrain, some piece of junk with a red "eye". If you lose, you start at some random point in the level, which I don't like at all. I like the theme of the game, but the levels look somewhat similar. I feel that you should give this game a try and have fun.


Defeat enemy spacecraft and stop the evil Starbrain before it destroys you and your fellow crewmen.

A Button Fire
B Button Fire
Start Button Pause
Select Button Nothing
Powered-up Ship
At the title screen, press Select 10 times on controller 1. Then hold Down+Right on controller 2. After that, hold Up, Left, A, B on Controller 1. Finally press Start 2 times on controller 1.
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