Stealth ATF 1989 By: Activision

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The Stealth Advanced Tactical Fighter, America's most closely guarded military secret, is in your hands. You're at the controls, flying top-priority combat missions against enemy forces around the world.

Luckily, you're prepared for the worst. Your aircraft has all the right stuff -- maneuverability, speed, weapons capability, and deception. Once you get the bogeys in your sights, you can pulverize them with missles or cannon fire, then move in on your next target. When the bad guys lock on to your craft, you just kick into "stealth mode" and drive their radar systems crazy.

Each time you complete a mission, you move on to another theatre of war. Your opponents get meaner and tougher -- but so do you, and soon they won't stand any chance at all.

--From the NES Stealth ATF instruction manual.

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