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In the summer of 1990, the biggest Jeopardy tournament is happening. And you're in it! You have to go through 3 grueling games of asking questions and using your mental power to defeat your opponents. But there's more than enough obstacles in your way. Categories with topics you know everything about, categories you don't know anything about. And that daily double that strikes at times you don't expect it. Can you win those 3 fate deciding games to win the Super Jeopardy tournament?

When I got an old NES back in 2003, this game was the first one I got. It's a classic in the Jeopardy games. Because this Jeopardy game would be first with "digitalized speech". The graphics were great, the questions good for ages 10 and up, and what knocked my breath out most was the facial expressions. Characters made faces when they got a wrong question, and clapped when they got one right. It's an amazing, but even a little bit creepy, Jeopardy game.


The game is very simple to play. First you must choose what round you want to play. If you're new, you have to go into a quarter final game. Once you've chosen the quarter final game, you choose the amount of humans playing (the computers will even it out to make 4 contestants) and then, you get to pick your name. Unfortunately, you can only have 5 letter names or less. So shortening your name down or picking a cool word works too. Then, you get to pick your avatar. Once that is done, the jeopardy begins.

A Button Selects things, buzzes in, picks letters
B Button Selects things, buzzes in, picks letters
Start Button Brings you to game selection screen
Select Button Nothing
Final Jeopardy strategy
Not much I can say, except, be strategic on Final Jeopardy and Daily Doubles. For example, say you are in Final Jeopardy. You own 7000 points, while your closest opponent has 3000 points. Do the math. He or she will always double their points in Final Jeopardy. So if they get the correct response, you should at least wager 999 points. Because if you lose, you'll still have one point over your opponent. So, always do the math in Final Jeopardy. It will save your life, and you'll win more games that way.
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