Super Pitfall 1987 By: Activision

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Pitfall Harry is back, ready to embark on the most dangerous, most impossible mission he has dared to attempt so far. All alone, with only a gun and his wits for protection, he must recover the priceless Raj diamond from a vast subterranean dwelling high in the Andes Mountains. And to complicate matters, he must also rescue his beloved niece Rhonda and feline friend Quickclaw the Lion, both trapped in the dark, damp depths below.

This is no weekend caving adventure. With no map to guide him, Harry must find his own way through the cave's endless passages-over 270 screens-infested with poisonous frogs, bats, snakes, scorpions, tarantulas, cavemen, lava pits, deadly condors, falling rocks, and other evil creatures and hazards.

Care to join Harry in his quest? He could certainly use some assistance.

--From the NES Super Pitfall instruction manual.

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Pitfall Harry's back, in a new form and a more exciting adventure! Harry has his new gun, but that probably won't get him far without his courage. He must get the Raj Diamond from the Andes Mountains, and he must rescue his niece, Rhonda, and his pet Quickclaw The Lion! There are many different monsters, so watch yourself, and good luck!


Do you remember those old Pitfall games for the Atari? You do?! Good! Because this plays like it, except you have one advantage: the gun, which can kill baddies! But if you touch a baddie, you lose a life, so don't underestimate this game.

A Button Jump
B Button Fire gun
Continue Game
Press Select, A, A, A, Select (on title screen).
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