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Super Sprint started as an arcade game in 1986. Its popularity inspired game makers to port it to several other systems, NES included. It is a lot of fun to play. It's highly addictive, and frustrating at the same time.
The graphics look pretty good, but they aren't as good as the arcade. The arcade had better looking textures and shading. The sounds are pretty enjoyable. There is only music for the title screen, and the in between screens, not during the race. All you hear during the race is the hum of the engines and little sound effects when items are attained, or you crash.
The gameplay was excellent, with a nice amount of variation on seven different tracks. The ability to tune up your car was also a nice touch.


Choose one or two players. In one player mode, it's you against the other three computer players. In two player mode, as long as you or your friend finishes first, you will advance to the next race. Player one will control the yellow car, and player two will control the blue car. In this game second place is the first loser, it's game over if you place anything but first. If you crash your car, it will explode and another will appear, the only penalty is being left behind by the other racers.  

Randomly on the track, there will be bonus points, wrenches, oil spills, puddles, and a tornado. In the later levels you will also see cones, and bars that raise up and down for you to crash into. Wrenches can be collected to upgrade your car. If you have two wrenches at the end of a race, you will be taken to the upgrade screen. From here you can spend your wrenches on a higher top speed, more acceleration, more traction, or an increase in score. Each stat will max out at level six, then you can only spend your wrenches on a higher top score.
Oil spills will make your car spin out of control for a short period, as will the tornado. Puddles will just slow you down for a second, as will cones. Once you've hit a cone it will disappear, but the puddles will be there for the duration of the race. There are also a few tracks with shortcuts you can take that the computer cars won't. This is a never ending point battle; once you complete the seventh track, it starts over with a few tricks thrown in to up the difficulty. There was a secret track at stage 85 in the arcade version, but I'm not sure if it was added into this NES port.

A Button Gas
B Button Brake
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button Select
Race Dirty
If done right, you can knock the other cars into a part of the track that they've already been on, or aren't supposed to go to yet, and their lap won't count.
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