T&C Surf Designs 1987 By: LJN Ltd

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O.K. dudes, the time has come to really get radical. You and the rest of "DA BOYS," T&C's famous group of skate and surf crazies, can kick out and pull off some awesome maneuvers together.

Whether you're jammin' the ramps, jumping the cracks, riding the rails or just laying back tall, the skate action is hotter than hot!

...and when you hit the beach to rip up the surf you'll be face to face with some of the most explosive swells around. Execute some low, hard bottom turns, flawless spinouts or just skate the lip in order to rack up some serious points on your way to becoming the ultimate skate and surf champion. This action is hardcore... and it's your turn.

--From the NES T&C Surf Designs instruction manual.

Available: 4
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You can't tell by the title but this is a surfing game. Well, it's also a skating game. If you like a skill based game, this is a good one to try out. It can be difficult to get the controls down at first, especially for surfing, but it is a pretty addictive game once you're used to it.
It side-scrolls and the background repeats itself a lot, since you redo part of the board over again at the start of new rounds, but it's still fun to play. Watching them wipe out makes me hurt. Their chin drags the ground and you can see the heat. The music is a kind of campy rock, but at least it isn't annoying.


There are three options on the Selection screen: Street Skate Session, Big Wave Encounter, and Wood and Water Rage. Street Skate Session is only skating, Big Wave Encounter only surfing, and Wood and Water Rage alternates between the two.
Street Skate Session: Speed is king. You're timed and maintaining a high speed earns you life so it's in your interest to keep up the pace. Choose from either Joe Cool or Tiki Man to get your skate on, and if you can't tell which is which then you're a square, man! Each wipe out costs you time and life (happenin' lil' yin yang shapes in hip tones of orange and yellow), run out of either and it's game over. Catch coins to add to your score. Jump onto some things that would normally be hazards and turn them into points, i.e. toy cars, turtles, etc. Grind a high rail or take a ramp jump for bonus points as well. Time and life left over at the end of a round also add to your score.
Big Wave Encounter: Choose your man, er, animal: Thrilla Gorilla or Kool Kat. This one is really tough and requires fine controlling. Surf long and fast to increase your life. Reach the beach past the piers to end a round. Life left over at the end of a round adds to your score. Gain points for simply surfing without falling, but then it may not be so simple. Pull off turns to gain points and for third turns gain 1 extra life symbol. Gain points for surfing just inside the pipeline (where the wave forms a tunnel behind you) but be careful! One wrong move in there and you'll be lost! Pick up bananas floating in the surf for bonus points and watch out for other things floating in the surf or flying just above it or flying up out of it, or really just anything besides bananas that'll knock you off your board. Note: pier supports are hazardous to your health as well, so don't get reckless in the home stretch.

Start Button Starts Game, Pauses Game
Select Button Moves you around the menu
A Button Jump off board
A Button and Back Ollie (jump while holding board)
B Button Tap to speed up
A Button Balance Forward
B Button Balance Back
Time Stop Skating
Keep your speed up to fill your life, once your life is completely full, time ceases to be a problem! That is, unless you crash.
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