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The Birth of a New Tetris

Tetris 2 is a new edition to the family of puzzle games that began with the megahit, Tetris. Tetris 2 consists of red, green, and yellow blocks. In the original Tetris game, the object was to erase the blocks by arranging them horizontally across the screen. However, in Tetris 2, your goal is to arrange three blocks of the same color vertically or horizontally. This will cause the set of three blocks to disappear. While maintaining the "simple, but fun" tradition that was started with the original Tetris, Tetris 2 moves ahead as a game that is even more challenging and more fun to play.

--From the NES Tetris 2 instruction manual.

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     Raindrops keep falling on my head, or in this case, block groups. The objective of the game is simple; erase blocks by arranging three blocks of the same color either horizontally or vertically, which will cause the three aligned blocks to disappear. Since you cannot start a nuclear war by playing Tetris2, simply begin the game and learn as you go. There are game options which you might explore at your leisure. Tetris was a MAJOR hit when it debuted and fans of it should be happy to have another challenge.

    You can select from four choices of background music, none with that over-the-top-treble so you should be able to find some tunes that are enjoyable to play by. The action sounds include some nice explosion sounds whenever blocks are eliminated.

    The graphics are excellent, with shading on the blocks, and the backgrounds come in various shapes that should keep you from becoming bored. The colors are somewhat subtle, not glaring, which you might or might not like.

    As with the original game, the falling of the blocks speeds up as you advance. Or maybe I just slow down.


      Turn the falling blocks in the orientation you desire and move them to where you need them using the Control Pad, and accept the consequences. "Down" causes the blocks to fall more quickly.

     There are, in addition to the falling blocks, "Flash Blocks" and "Fixed Blocks". If you erase a "Flash Blocks" of a particular color (red, green or yellow) all fallen blocks of the same color on the screen will disappear. If you eliminate all of the different colored "Flash Blocks" you advance to the next level. If you eliminate all of the "Fixed Blocks", you will also advance to the next level. And of course, you receive points and bonus points for all of your hard work.

    The Two player option apparently just places two Tetris screens beside each other. If you find another arrangement consider yourself lucky. I didn't.

A Button Clockwise
B Button Counter-Clockwise
Down Speed Downward
Start Button Start, Pause
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