Top Gun 2: The Second Mission 1989 By: Konami

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You're the sole pilot between the enemy's Armageddon bound armada and global annihilation. Talk about a rock and a hard place! To save the day, you must survive and conquer three stages of combat and then return safely (though probably severely shot up) to base.

In STAGE ONE, destroy all (repeat all) of the enemy's nuclear attack subs. After that, blast the cruise-missile-carrying "Black Jack" bomber.

In STAGE TWO, blast your way through a tank infested forest, avoiding Stinger Missiles, until you find and shoot from the sky the doubly-destructive "Hind Alpha" helicopter.

Finally, in STAGE THREE, you'll have to soar through a lightning storm while avoiding Killer Satellite-based laser beams. At the end of this stage you'll probably reach the end of the line, as you confront the enemy's "Star Wars" space shuttle.

NOTE FROM THE DESIGNERS OF YOUR F-14: When the submarine, tank, forest, lightning or laser beams are on the screen your plane will be incapable of "ROLLING THE DICE." This is to ensure pilot safety, preventing you from pulling too many Gs and blacking out.

--From the NES Top Gun 2: The Second Mission instruction manual.

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Move out men! Destroy all the enemies in this dog fight. You have complete freedom of movement unlike Top Gun 1, so use it!
You can perform a Barrel Roll by tapping Left or Right twice.

A Button Accelerate
B Button Shoot, tap twice to launch a missile
Start Button Start(No pause in game)
Select Button Select Game Mode
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