Uncharted Waters 1991 By: Koei

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Uncharted Waters revives a time of romance and adventure; the Age of Exploration. In 1502, ten years after the immortal voyage of Columbus, you assume the role of a young Portuguese captain. Your goal is to attain glory and restore honor to your once noble family name. This will be no easy task. There are distant shores to seek, pirates to battle, priceless treasures to plunder, and a beautiful princess to rescue!

You can realize the dreams of a 16th century explorer in your own way. Play the part of a merchant and barter for precious treasures. Or, play the part of a ruthless pirate and make others pay the price of your fame. You decide your own fate when you embark upon the high seas. Anchors aweigh!

--From the NES Uncharted Waters instruction manual.

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This game was a very complicated and fun game. There were a lot of things you could do from piracy to diplomacy. You could gamble in the towns or go somewhere and invest in a business. The graphics on this game were pretty good for a NES game. This game is good for hours and hours of play, and has high replay ability. I think this is a good game if you are looking for a good strategy game.


Bring back the lost luster to your family name.

The controls are a little complicated so go here.
Nes Instruction Manual
Take Notes
Make sure you have a notepad and pen/pencil ready when you play this game. It is pretty complicated and you will need to remember a lot of things about it. Write down anything you think might be relevant.
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