Uninvited 1989 By: Kemco

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The tires screeched loudly as you slammed on the brakes, swerving to avoid the shadowy figure in your headlights. Your sister screamed as your car careened off the road towards a tree. Then everything went black.

You awaken at the wheel of your crumpled car and realize that you are alone. Your sister must have gone for help. The aroma of gasoline assaults your nose, urging you to get out of the car as quickly as possible. As you exit the car, it bursts into flames. Before you looms a creepy old mansion. Could your sister have gone there for help? Are you to become the next uninvited guest?

--From the NES Uninvited instruction manual.

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You find yourself an Uninvited and unwilling guest in a house of horrors. Roam the mysterious mansion to find your missing sister. Search through various rooms, examine objects, pick up different items and use them to fulfill your quest.


In the tradition of games like King's Quest and Quest for Glory, Uninvited is a first-person adventure/puzzle. The interface is a bit cumbersome in that you can't just type in "get the bottle" or "use the key" like you would on most computer games, it's all menus and pointers. Still, it doesn't take any of the fun out, and it's not like you need lightning responses on a game like this. The challenge and the thrill is in finding the pieces of the puzzle and putting them all together.
I should mention that there is no RPG aspect and no fighting in Uninvited. Everything here can kill you easily, so the outcome of each encounter depends solely on whether you do the right thing. Save often, because there are many ways to die, and you're going to bump into most of them.

A Button Select a Command, Scroll through messages
B Button Cancel Selection
Start Button Start Game
Select Button Change windows
Often. Worth mentioning again.
Keep Moving
You can't always solve every puzzle as soon as you come to it. Keep looking around to find more information or different items which may be useful. If you get stuck you might resort to the "do everything to everything" approach, but at least try to exercise some logic and patience first.
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