Vice Project Doom 1991 By: Sammy

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A small band of alien survivors landed on Earth several centuries ago. In order to survive in this new environment, they produced a neon green gel which provided nourishment.

In an effort to blend into human society, they developed clones. As centuries passed, BEDA Corporation came into being. This was a company which manufactured and distributed electronic and technological equipment; however, behind all this the company was also responsible for the maintenance of the alien race.

The neon gel had a very different effect on humans. It became a substance that was sought after by some of the world's wealthiest abusers. The gel is mass produced by BEDA Corporation for profit, but the side effects proved to be lethal for human users.

Vice officer Quinn Hart, along with his partner Detective Reese, set out on assignment to locate the manufacturers of the mysterious gel. During the investigation, Reese disappears. Since his body has never been found, he is believed dead.

Now, Hart must go alone to uncover the source of the gel and the force behind it. His skills, nerves and ultimately fate are at stake in this deadly plot for survival.

--From the NES Vice Project Doom instruction manual.


There are three types of levels in Vice: Project Doom.
Car Chase: Steer the car as you race down the mean streets. You can change the gears with select to speed up/slow down.
Side Scrolling Action: Complete the stages in the usual side scroller fashion. Here you have three weapons you can use. To switch between them press select.

Shoot Out: Aim the target at the enemies. Use select to switch the gun to the grenade.

A Button Shift Gears/Jump/Weapon 2
B Button Attack
Start Button Pause
Select Button Change Weapon
Level Select and Sound Test
When the game loads, hold the A button. Press A or B on a second controller to bring up the sound test.
Now press B on the second controller to bring up the level selecter.
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