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Ah, WCW. Created by Mr. "Controversy Creates Cash" Eric Bischoff. This was his business until 2001, when WWE, The WWF at the time, bought WCW out, and put Bischoff out of a job. But this game is 12 years before that happened and a few years before 'Monday Night Wars' (The Story of WCW Nitro and WWF Raw is War) and you can wrestle as some of the greatest wrestlers who ever lived, and some who still wrestle. Wrestle as the Nature Boy Ric Flair, who put people and still puts people out of action with the Nature Boy Figure 4 Leglock. Wrestle as the famous Sting, who made many men give up when he locked them in his Scorpion Death Lock. Wrestle as the Road Warriors Animal and Hawk, who made their appearance as the mystery tag team in the 1998 Wrestlemania Battle Royal... and won. Or become Rick Steiner, one of the famous Steiner Brothers.

In my opinion, you'd have to have a lot of consistency to like this game. You're going to stink at first, but then eventually you'll have the eye of the tiger with your chosen wrestler, and dominate.


Wrestle as your favorite WCW wrestler of 1989.

A Button Punch
B Button Kick
Start Button Exit main menu
How to do your moves
Since you won't be able to do all your moves, you get to choose 4 moves that are assigned to your wrestler. Look on your control pad to determine which ones you want and what move you want assigned to each direction.
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