Wheel of Fortune: Family Edition 1990 By: Gametek

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Of all the Wheel of Fortune games on the NES, this one has to be the best. If you're trying to put together a good NES system with good games, controllers, and all the cool equipment, this game should be near the top of the list. Its music is an improvement (I think Rare had something to do with the music), the puzzles bigger, the prizes better, and you earn a lot more money. However, the graphics are no better and the game base is the same. It would have looked a lot like this if you were playing the original Wheel of Fortune. Overall, this game is a good one, and if you want a classic Wheel of Fortune game, I say give this one a try. The opening scene graphics are pretty cool too.


Spin a wheel and guess letters to solve a puzzle. There are things to stop you, such as Bankrupt and Lose a Turn. If you win the game, you get to choose a prize (however, in modern day Wheel of Fortune, you spin a smaller wheel, with a chance at 100,000 dollars, or some other nice rewards). After you choose, you have to pick 5 consonants and one vowel (I suggest you pick R,S,T,L,N,E, because those are the most common letters in a word, and in modern WOF, you get those letters automatically, then you get an extra 3 consonants and one vowel). Then it's up to you to solve the puzzle, with 40 seconds on the clock. Hit the "Play Now" button and get going.

A Button Pick letters, Choose how hard to spin the wheel
B Button Same as A
Start Button Exit the main menu into Game Setup
Select Button Nothing
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