Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? 1989 By: Konami

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To: All Acme Offices
From: The Chief
Re: Sandiego, Carmen

As you all know, Carmen Sandiego is the ringleader of an international band of thieves who have been making life difficult for Acme and police forces throughout the world. They travel from one country to another as easily as you or I go to the supermarket. While we've been able to nab her precious mobs, no prison seems able to hold her.

I need you all to help Acme crack its toughest assignment yet...track Carmen through time! Carmen and her V.I.L.E. henchmen have gained the ability to travel through time. They've broken into a super-secret laboratory and made off with the latest model time machine. Not content with pillaging the present, they are using this technology to loot the most famous treasures of the past 1500 years: Napoleon's hat, Don Quixote's lance, and even Paul Revere's horse. (Fortunately they took Mr. Revere's horse on April 19, 1775, the day after his famous ride, so no damage was done.)

You will be issued the latest development in portable time travel devices; the Chronoskimmer 325i. You will use it to travel 1500 years of time and 48 locations. You can electronically scan the crime scene for clues and translate conversations with witnesses. It also contains a Capture Robot to nab your suspect with a minimum of fuss.

Acme has been granted a Federal Time Travel Commission license allowing us to use the Chronoskimmer with certain time limit restrictions. The attached information will assist you in your tasks.

Best of luck from all of us at Headquarters. We're counting on you!


--From the NES Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? instruction manual.

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You are an agent of the ACME detective agency. Guess what? The world famous female criminal Carmen Sandiego and her henchmen are up to no good, stealing things from the past and moving through certain time periods to cover their tracks. So, as an agent of ACME, use your chronoskimmer to go through those time periods to track those criminals, and eventually Carmen, down. But you only have a certain amount of time to do it! And can you?

Trust me, no true NES fan should have neglected this game. The graphics are perfect, the menu is creative (you can stop by the detective lounge for a coffee, or the lab to look at an experiment, or look at the credits in the basement) and the sounds just get an A+. You'll enjoy it because it also involves your brain power. This is history class in your NES system.


It's a more complicated game, due to its historical time period theme. But once you've played it for 10 minutes, it easily sinks into you. There's 3 things to do - Travel, Search and gather your data. But search is the real moneymaker in the group. In search, you look for clues from witnesses, informants, and scanning the area for stuff. Identify is how you pinpoint the exact identity of your thief (he or she steals certain things, from Mickey mouse to ancient statues) and you can look up dossiers to find out the full description of the person you're after. Travel gets you using your chronoskimmer to travel in time to where you need to go. And if you're on the right track, you'll see a short segment of "V.I.L.E henchman detected" and you'll know your person was there. Eventually, you track them down to the last moment, and then you have to rely on luck, because your person will set traps. There's 3 ways to catch the criminal - the witness option, the informant option, and the scanner option. Picking the right one will get you to the criminal. The other two will just slow you down and possibly get the crook slipping through your fingers. So grab your chronoskimmer, get your cursor over the "play now" button, and start the game.

A Button Selects option
B Button Nothing
Start Button Go from Start menu to Elevator
Select Button Nothing
Want to continue your file? Remember the code the chief gives you.
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