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Yes, it's true, the popular Where's Waldo (Where's Wally in England) books were made into a video game. Unfortunately however, because of the pixelated graphics of the NES, it's surprisingly difficult. The only way you can distinguish between people is their shirts, meaning heads, arms or any other limb looks the same on everyone. Although sometimes hats can be seen, and usually that is how you will spot him.


The main theme of the game is easy enough to understand: if you see Waldo, just move your cursor over him and select that area. Selecting areas decreases time if you don't select the area where Waldo is, so don't go nuts with the A button. You don't get a message if you've found Waldo, so listen out for the "Mission Accomplished" style music.

There are 4 modes modes to choose from: Practice, Easy, Medium & Hard. The difficulty increases by giving you less time to find Waldo, and also the map space increases with difficulty. The practice mode, however, doesn't have a time limit, so you can take as long as you want searching for Waldo. There are 9 levels in total, varying from everyday places such as a train station, to the moon...
Most of the levels keep the same aspect of simply finding Waldo, but there are the odd couple that are random mini games such as the revolving maze.

This game will give you a little burst of fun if you liked the books, and if you didn't then this may not be the game for you. Most people I know that have played this, played it once then got bored.

A Button Scan selected area for Waldo
D Pad Move cursor
Select Button Select difficulty
(in main menu)
Watch for the Hat
On the easier modes, keep an eye out for the trademark Waldo's hat (on the harder modes, he doesn't always wear it).
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